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Rentity Car Rental offers a great variety of vehicles to rent, different brands and types for all your needs at the best prices. At Rentity Car Rental you can rent automobiles that can drive you to the very north of our island where you can find Anafonitria Monastry until the the very south Gerakas beach where you can explore turtle spots and max your adrenaline on the St.Nicolas beach with water extreme sports

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Argassi Zakynthos

Our company located in Argassi Zakynthos, just 7 km away from Zakynthos airport and 4 km away from Zakynthos Town.

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Zakynthos island is one of the top tourist destinations worldwide and its unparalleled beauty can justify that completely. With amazing historic monuments and the imposing Navagio Beach, Zakynthos is certainly a sight for sore eyes. Even though it is an island, rent a car in Zakynthos from Rentity Car Rental is strongly suggested. Indeed, the distances that you have to cross for getting to the most famous beaches, villages and points of interest are substantial. Imagine that the distance from Zakynthos (Zante) Town to the picturesque beach of Navagio View Point stretches to 35 kilometers (beach is onlt accessible by boat), the distance also from Zakynthos (Zante) Town to magnificent Gerakas beach is about 16,5 kilometers and the distance to Zakynthos International Aiport is about 7 kilometers.

This is why hiring a Rentity Car Rental is imperative, in order not to miss out on any of the sights and attractions of the island. Some truly wonderful routes can only be accessed by car and therefore you need to rent a vehicle and enjoy your holidays to the fullest. Go ahead with renting your car from Rentity Car Rentaland discover the magnitude of the beauty and elegance of Zakynthos. All our vehicles are of the finest quality standards and you will get the chance to choose among quite a few different models and types of vehicles. Our experience and our constant support, along with the ultimate value for money have made us the perfect option in the field of Rentity Car Rental. We are at your disposal for tending to your needs in Zakynthos!

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