1. Driver qualifications

In order for the renter to proceed with booking a vehicle, he must:
Be at least 21 years old and own a driver’s license that has been issued minimum one year before.
For non EU citizens, an international car driver’s license is required (citizens of Russia, USA and Canada are excluded as they can proceed to book a vehicle using their national driver’s license).
In the event that the national driver’s license (which has been issued less than a year) does not comply with the above specifications. The above qualifications are required for extra drivers also.

2. What is included in the rental price?

Our prices include "Liability and Third Party Insurance"
Full insurance C.D.W. (500,00 until 950,00 Euro excess amount)
Unlimited kilometers
24hour road assistance
Delivery / pick up (airport, ports (the Agios Nikolaos port is excluded) and hotels)
24% VAT

3. What is Full Insurance C.D.W. and how does it work?

C.D.W. (Collision Damage Waiver- Mixed insurance with damage excess) is the basic full insurance which covers the rental vehicle against all kinds of accidents that have been committed by the renter with the maximum amount of excess that has been agreed. (The amount of excess is usually 500,00 € per accident for the small categories A, B and 950,00€ for the bigger categories C, AUTO, CABRIO, JEEP, SUV και MINIBUS). This means that if the client has an accident which he is responsible for, the Maximum amount that he will have to pay is the excess amount.
Examples for a car with 500,00€ excess:

(Α) For an accident that causes damage equal to 100,00€, the client will be charged 100,00€.
(Β) For an accident that causes damage equal to 2000,00€, the client will be charged 500,00€.

4. Is there a way to decrease or eliminate the excess amount to zero?

The clients have the ability to choose the (F.D.W. Full Damage Excess, 0.00 excess amount) which is offered at an extra daily charge, it varies per car category, giving the renter the opportunity to be purged from the responsibility amount which is defined on the basic, full insurance. The excess amount for each category as well as the F.D.W. charge can be found during the booking procedure.

5. Theft and Fire Insurance (T.P.)

This insurance decreases the driver’s responsibility in case of total theft or fire to 500,00 until 1000,00€ depending on the car category. In case of total theft or fire you must contact our office and the police and report the incident. You must immediately give a copy of the police report, the rental contract and the car key to our office. Theft insurance is applicable only for the agreed rental period.

6. C.D.W. and F.D.W. exceptions

Any damage in the areas that are mentioned below is charged to the client directly. The most important are the following: lock damage, key loss or damage, window wipers, inside of car, rim, lights, fuel tank cover, car upholstery damage, car roof damage, excessive filth, personal items, damage due to negligence, damage due to wrong fuel, damage to baby seat or booster seat, loss of electricity due to electrical appliances forgotten on, damage to wheels and bottom of car. Car towing and transport charges due to the car being immobilized for one of the above reasons are not covered by insurance.
Rentity Car Rental will not refund any phone call, taxi or hotel costs.
Rentity Car Rental has no responsibility if the renter, causes damage on purpose, drives off the road, drives carelessly and causes damage negligently and goes against the National Driving Laws, while driving under the influence of alcohol. The client will accept the immediate responsibility regarding the above mentioned claims.
Any unreported accident or car damage can be interpreted as negligence. (For example, supplying the car with the wrong kind of fuel) This will result in the client getting charged.

7. Extra drivers and extra equipment?

The company offers the possibility for one extra driver, as well as extra equipment such as children car seats for all ages, navigation devices and more at an extra daily charge. Detailed information for extra equipment and daily charges can be found during the booking procedure.

8. When I arrive at the airport, how do I pick the car up?

We will be keeping an eye on your flight and a member of our team will be waiting for you in the arrivals area holding a sign with your name on it.
After you get your luggage and exit through the arrivals area, you will meet our representative who will lead you to your car. The car will be parked exactly outside and you will not need more than 5 minutes to sign the contract (we advise you have your driver’s license and passport or id ready). You will then be ready to begin your journey.

9. Rental period, delivery-pick up.

The minimum car rental period is two days (48 hours). The two days are calculated from the precise time and date the renter has chosen and up to the time of car pick up. The company reserves the right of a period of grace 60’ from the date and time of vehicle delivery mentioned in the agreement, after the 60’ have gone by and if the company has not realized the car delivery, it is required to pay the client an amount equal to the daily cost referred in the agreement.

10. Rental period extension

If the client desires to extend the rental period, he must inform the company at least 24 hours before the end of the rental period. In any case, the company reserves the right to deny the request for business reasons.

11. Is there any guarantee that I will receive exactly the car I asked for?

We are in a position to guarantee you will receive a car from the same category for the agreed rental period, but we cannot guarantee a specific model. In any case, the company reserves the right to offer you a car from a bigger category at no extra charge.

12. Which is the average age of the cars you rent?

The new National Tourism Organization (E.O.T) instruction has decided to increase the maximum rental car age allowed to 12 years, taking into mind the economic difficulties Greece has been facing, however, our company always renews its fleet with new cars. The average age of our cars is 18months to a maximum of 5 years.

13. In case my trip gets cancelled, will I have to pay a cancellation fee?

If your trip gets cancelled for some reason, you will not be charged any cancellation fee. In any case, you are advised to inform us of any cancellation as soon as possible.

14. If I make a booking through a local office, will the price be the same?

In many cases, the prices you will find on our webpage are different from the ones you will find at various offices. Usually, the prices on our website are 20-30% cheaper.

15. What will happen if I decide to extend/decrease the rental period while I have the car or a few days before I receive it?

You can decrease or extend the rental period but please take into mind that the price varies depending on the number of days you rent it for. We would appreciate it if you informed us before your arrival about any changes. Please note that during the high summer season, we will not be in a position to guarantee that your request will be satisfied.

16. Is there any guarantee needed for my car booking?

Our company does not require an advance payment for the car booking. However, the payment for the booking is made upon car delivery by cash or credit card.

17. Is there an amount which is blocked / frozen on my credit/debit card?

Rentity Car Rental does not require any amount as a guarantee from your credit card

18. Can I pay by credit/debit card for the rental car?

Yes. Payment by credit/debit card can be realized with no extra charge.

19. How early or late can I pick up or return the car?

The pick up or return can be arranged 24/7 at no extra cost.

20. I will pick the car up in the morning and return it in the evening. Will you charge me an extra day?

Even though many companies are very strict regarding their extra day payment policy, we will not charge you an extra day if the difference between car receipt and return is up to 2 hours or less. In case of a difference between car receipt and return which is more than 2 hours, then you will be charged an extra day.

21. At the end of my trip, what procedure do I have to follow to return the rental car?

A member of our team will again be waiting for you at the airport, in the departure area. The exact details (exact date and departure time) will be discussed with our representative during the car delivery. In case you return the car early or with an unforeseen delay, we kindly ask you to inform us in advance.

22. Fuel policy

According to fuel policy, the car must be returned with the same amount of fuel you received it. During car delivery, we will check the fuel indicator together and the amount of fuel will be noted on the rental contract. The company is not required to refund the renter in case he returns the car with excess fuel.

23. Transport by boat

The car can be transported by boat at an extra cost and only with written consent by the office you rented the car from. In case of transport with no prior written consent from the company, any and all insurance coverage that has been agreed upon between the renter and our company is no longer in force.

24. What is the policy for off road driving?

It is strictly forbidden to drive Rentity Car Rental vehicles off road.

25. What do I have to do in case of an accident or mechanical problem?

In case of an accident or mechanical problem, you have to contact our office immediately using the phone numbers we will have provided during car delivery. Our company offers road assistance 24/7. Once you contact us we will give you all the information you need to proceed. In case the car cannot be repaired in your area, we will organize a replacement within the next 24hours.